• Back in DF

    May 11th 2018 katie

    Turns out we’re still not sick of Mexico. Honestly, we tried to go somewhere new back in March but nowhere was doing it for us at the planning stage, so back to this place for the third time it was. We based ourselves in Mexico City, but escaped the city for a couple of days…

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  • Folk art in Valladolid

    January 17th 2017 katie

    Our final stop in Mexico was a couple of days in the lovely central-Yucatán town of Valladolid. We didn’t intend to stop off here at all before we left the UK, but we realised it was a long trip back from Mérida to Cancun airport so decided to break up the journey. Ado bus and…

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  • Flamingoes in Celestún

    January 11th 2017 katie

    Mérida is close to the western edge of the Yucatán peninsula. If you head due west to the coast you reach Celestún, a biosphere reserve and wildlife refuge. We did a daytrip there the day after we arrived, via a driver that our hotel arranged. The big draw for Celestún is to see the resident…

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  • Mérida, Mexico 

    January 7th 2017 katie

    After a few days beach-bumming it up in Tulum, we caught the 3.5-hour long Ado bus to Mérida, the capital city of the Yucatán region. Mérida definitely doesn’t feel like it’s geared up for a mass of visitors like Tulum and Oaxaca are. It’s not slick, brand new or heavily restored; instead it’s a little…

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  • Tulum, Mexico

    December 30th 2016 katie

    We sloped off work a couple of weeks early this year and squished in a trip back to Mexico just before Christmas. Having been to Mexico in 2014, it’s actually the quickest we’ve returned to a country so soon after last visiting, other than USA. There’s something about it that got under our skin and…

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  • Beyond Oaxaca

    November 16th 2014 katie

    The city of Oaxaca is nestled in a valley in the middle of Oaxaca state, an area not far off the size of England. In fairly close radius around the city are lots more towns and villages as well as some spectacular scenery and ruins, so we were able to take lots of day trips…

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  • Market day at Tlacolula

    November 10th 2014 katie

    Tlacolula is a city about a 20 minute drive from Oaxaca, famous for both its 16th century church and its huge Sunday market, to which thousands of people from the neighbouring towns and countryside flock. We took a cab out there the day after arriving in Oaxaca on Saturday night to check it out. The…

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  • Around Oaxaca

    November 8th 2014 katie

    After a week of scampering around the vastness of Mexico City, it was great to have a week in the much smaller and more relaxed city of Oaxaca to decompress a bit. Nearly 300 miles south of DF, Oaxaca is the calm, low-slung, cultural and historical yin to the capital’s busy, built-up, somewhat personality-less yang.…

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  • Coyoacán and Casa Azul

    November 3rd 2014 katie

    One of my favourite days in Mexico City was the day we spent in Coyoacán, a district to the south of our base in Condesa. It was quickly and easily accessed via the metro but offers a welcome wind-down from the dense city centre. I’d definitely recommend a trip there if you’re visiting D.F to…

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  • Mexico City: eats, drinks and markets

    November 2nd 2014 katie

    Obviously, one of our main reasons for visiting Mexico was for the food. London has some good Mexican places but I was really interested to see how the real stuff compares – and what actually constitutes a real Mexican dish and which are fake exports. I’m looking at you, burritos. In general we ate really…

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  • ¡Hola, Mexico!

    October 28th 2014 katie

    We’re back from two weeks in Mexico – tanned, tired and well padded out with cheese and chocolate. We spent a week in Mexico City and a week in Oaxaca – it was really good to see perhaps two extremes of the same country. Here’s a first bunch of photos and my thoughts on our…

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