• Vietnam: Feb 2019

    February 20th 2019 katie

    To avoid running the high risk of ending up in either Mexico or Japan yet again, we booked a winter-busting trip to Vietnam at the start of the year. We flew into Ho Chi Minh City and had a long weekend there before taking a short internal flight to Da Nang and spending the rest…

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  • Back in DF

    May 11th 2018 katie

    Turns out we’re still not sick of Mexico. Honestly, we tried to go somewhere new back in March but nowhere was doing it for us at the planning stage, so back to this place for the third time it was. We based ourselves in Mexico City, but escaped the city for a couple of days…

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  • A glacier walk

    May 11th 2018 katie

    It’s fair to say that walking a glacier in Iceland is up there with truly epic holiday experiences past, like floating in the Dead Sea or hanging out on a petrified waterfall. The textures – slippery ice with soft, marbled in azure and soot from the 2010 volcanic eruption – the visible sights of climate…

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  • Iceland Day 2: Snæfellsnes peninsula

    October 1st 2017 katie
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  • Iceland day 1

    September 20th 2017 katie

    It’s been quite a strange sort of summer for me. I’ve been off work for the longest period since graduating ten years ago; partly by accident – a contract finishing unexpectedly early – but I wasn’t exactly complaining. Josh said ‘it’s the happiest you’ve seemed in ages’ and it was indeed the most blissful sort…

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  • Tokyo take two

    May 31st 2017 katie

    I’ve just got back from a second trip to Japan. We last went in 2009 (which I blogged about on its own little microsite, here) and have been itching to go back ever since. This time we just stayed in Tokyo, but the wonderful transport network means you can explore the sprawl of the city…

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  • Folk art in Valladolid

    January 17th 2017 katie

    Our final stop in Mexico was a couple of days in the lovely central-Yucatán town of Valladolid. We didn’t intend to stop off here at all before we left the UK, but we realised it was a long trip back from Mérida to Cancun airport so decided to break up the journey. Ado bus and…

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  • Flamingoes in Celestún

    January 11th 2017 katie

    Mérida is close to the western edge of the Yucatán peninsula. If you head due west to the coast you reach Celestún, a biosphere reserve and wildlife refuge. We did a daytrip there the day after we arrived, via a driver that our hotel arranged. The big draw for Celestún is to see the resident…

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  • Mérida, Mexico 

    January 7th 2017 katie

    After a few days beach-bumming it up in Tulum, we caught the 3.5-hour long Ado bus to Mérida, the capital city of the Yucatán region. Mérida definitely doesn’t feel like it’s geared up for a mass of visitors like Tulum and Oaxaca are. It’s not slick, brand new or heavily restored; instead it’s a little…

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  • Tulum, Mexico

    December 30th 2016 katie

    We sloped off work a couple of weeks early this year and squished in a trip back to Mexico just before Christmas. Having been to Mexico in 2014, it’s actually the quickest we’ve returned to a country so soon after last visiting, other than USA. There’s something about it that got under our skin and…

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  • Hudson, NY

    October 8th 2016 katie

    Hudson, in upstate New York, has to be amongst the quirkiest places I’ve been to. We were supposed to have two days there as a little appendix to our latest trip to NYC, but someone (me) cocked up the dates so we actually spent a scant 24 hours there. We rolled off the Amtrak –…

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  • Sicilia

    June 14th 2016 katie

    I’m mired in the hell of jury service this week (that’s a whole other post), but last week I was on holiday in Taormina, Sicily. Just going to close my eyes and pretend I’m back there…

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  • The Ivy Cafe

    December 14th 2015 katie

    I had the pleasure of being invited to review the Ivy Cafe recently. Little sister to the famous west end haunt, it’s newly opened on the lovely Marylebone Lane serving an all-day menu, dinners and cocktails.

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